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Brunch Cafe, Langton Road, Langton Green, Kent,

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Vegan Menu


The Vegan Breakfast

Go plant-based with a vegan sausage, two hash browns, oven roasted tomatoes, flat mushroom, smashed avocado with chilli and lime, homemade bubble and squeak, baked beans and toast.  

The Little Vegan

Smaller, healthier better! A vegan sausage, a hash brown, oven roasted tomato, flat mushroom, beans and toast.


Smashed Avocado on Toast with chilli and lime on toast, topped off with two hash browns, a flat mushroom and a roasted tomato. 

Toast and Toppings

Two rounds of granary or white toast spread with either:

Marmite, strawberry jam, marmalade or just plain margarine.

Baked Beans on Toast   

Bubble and Squeak, served with a flat mushroom, roasted tomatoes and salad garnish. 

Vegan sausage sandwich

Simple Sandwiches / Toasties: why not add chips and salad for £1.99?

Salad sandwich 

Avocado, tomato and Red Onion


Chips / Bread and margarine

Sweet potato chips  

Milkshakes- Made with soya milk, vegan ice cream and your chosen flavour.

Choose between vanilla or peanut butter.

Fruit Smoothies

Please ask a member of staff for the delicious fruit blends available this week. 


Orange Juice / Apple Juice / Mango Juice

Coke, Diet coke, Lemonade

Sparkling Water, Still Water, Milk, Soya Milk. 

Coffee - See our blackboard for prices, soya milk available, Chai latte. 

Tea - Speciality teas are also on offer, soya milk available.