About Us



Scroll down for updates on how we are coping with Covid-19.

We are an independent café based in a small village called Langton Green, just outside of Tunbridge Wells.


We specialise in breakfast and lunch classics with locally sourced food and fresh ingredients. 


We love to take part in the community and appreciate our regular customers support .


The brunch promise is to always serve tasty food and efficient service with a smile. 


Come in to meet the brunch family and scroll lower to meet the owner.

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My name is Sam Gritten and welcome to my life's work, Brunch Café!


​I am a chef and an entrepreneur. I have worked as a chef at pubs, bistros and cafes, even a michelin star restaurant as commis chef when I was only 16 years old. In becoming more self-assured and independent I decided to become a self employed chef and start my own company: cooking for private functions and relief cheffing. I have now decided to open my own café in Langton Green, which is the perfect location to give the community friendly feel I have always aimed for in my businesses. 


Brunch will serve breakfasts, lunches, cakes and coffee with a changing daily specials board, emphasising local, fresh produce and professional presentation. Friendly service from the brunch family and a smile will ensure that my customers will be returning regularly.


Come and try my food in your local café, just ask for Sam!



We are taking all the necessary precautions to protect our customers during this uncertain time. We are open again from the 4th July 2020. We will be serving food from 8am-4pm 7 days a week. Customers may eat in, but we encourage you to book a table or make use of our takeaway service via 01892 459460. 



  1. Wait outside the entrance to be seated by a member of staff 
  2. Do not sit at a table until a staff member confirms that it has been freshly cleaned
  3. When entering, always use the hand gel and towels provided at our sanitation station.
  4. Try to not close the door as this must be open to allow for fresh air at all times.
  5. Only one person may queue at the pay point at a time.
  6. Try to maintain a distance of 1m or more at all times between yourself and neighbouring tables. All tables are placed 1m or more apart already for your safety.
  7. Service may take slightly longer than usual due to extra cleaning, handwashing and a lower level of staff. We are so grateful for your support, understanding and cooperation.
  8. We encourage our customers to book a table or use our takeaway service via 01892 459460.
  9. Lastly, ENJOY THE FOOD!



Contact us with any further questions.

Vegan Menu


The Vegan Breakfast

Go plant-based with a vegan sausage, two hash browns, oven roasted tomatoes, flat mushroom, smashed avocado with chilli and lime, homemade bubble and squeak, baked beans and toast.  

The Little Vegan

Smaller, healthier better! A vegan sausage, a hash brown, oven roasted tomato, flat mushroom, beans and toast.


Smashed Avocado on Toast with chilli and lime on toast, topped off with two hash browns, a flat mushroom and a roasted tomato. 

Toast and Toppings

Two rounds of granary or white toast spread with either:

Marmite, strawberry jam, marmalade or just plain margarine.

Baked Beans on Toast   

Bubble and Squeak, served with a flat mushroom, roasted tomatoes and salad garnish. 

Vegan sausage sandwich

Simple Sandwiches / Toasties: why not add chips and salad for £1.99?

Salad sandwich 

Avocado, tomato and Red Onion


Chips / Bread and margarine

Sweet potato chips  

Milkshakes- Made with soya milk, vegan ice cream and your chosen flavour.

Choose between vanilla or peanut butter.

Fruit Smoothies

Please ask a member of staff for the delicious fruit blends available this week. 


Orange Juice / Apple Juice / Mango Juice

Coke, Diet coke, Lemonade

Sparkling Water, Still Water, Milk, Soya Milk. 

Coffee - See our blackboard for prices, soya milk available, Chai latte. 

Tea - Speciality teas are also on offer, soya milk available.